Best-in-Class Products and Services

At iLink, our highest aspiration is to listen to our clients and help them to cultivate compliant and secure operations for drivers, vehicles, and their assets. iLink offers solutions to help our clients run their businesses intelligently, safely, and efficiently.

We understand how difficult it can be to keep drivers and vehicles safe while monitoring what’s happening out in the field. As a result, you may suffer from poor productivity and unnecessary expenditures. That’s why we provide innovative solutions from companies like Mobileye, Geoforce, Geotab, Mix Telematics, and BeWhere that keep you up-to-date and drivers as safe as possible. Mobileye’s Advanced Driver Assistance System works to actively prevent accidents and our telematics and asset tracking devices keep you up-to-date with all movements.

iLink is a leading reseller of advanced fleet tracking software offered by companies throughout the United States  and Canada. This allows iLink to assist with any security or safety needs within your fleet as consultants, and provide software solutions that ensure your fleet runs with optimal efficiency at all times.

From collision avoidance, monitoring drivers, or tracking assets, the team at iLink are your go-to fleet management solution consultants. Our number one priority is to help our customers find the right fleet management software and/or device for their businesses while offering expert consulting services and more at a competitive price. For more information about iLink and our partners, explore our website and contact us today.