The iLink Fleet Solutions Story

Originally, iLink set out to be solely a reseller for large telematic manufactures. However, in 2018 iLink discovered the need to help companies seeking solutions for distracted driving and lack of following time (tailgating). iLink saw too many companies and drivers dealing with the aftermath of collisions, injuries, and loss. Even minor collisions could be devastating for a small business or driver.

As a result, iLink was able to establish a partnership with Mobileye an Intel Co. while continuing to provide telemetry. From iLink's first customer to our most recent, we have saved companies and fleets millions of dollars and greatly reduced injuries and fatality from vehicle crashes. iLink not only wants to make your fleet more profitable, but safer for your business, drivers, and everyone else on the road too.

Seth Murphy, Owner

Seth resides in Athens, TX, and acquired iLink Fleet Solutions Inc. in August of 2019 after serving as the Director of Business Development for 15 months. He has a 4-year history in Oil & Gas completions, and over 7 years in truck and vehicle sales. Seth attended the University of Arkansas & played on the golf team, where he was team captain his senior year. He is married to his beautiful wife of 8 years and has a brilliant and adventurous 5-year-old daughter.

Seth believes that safety and profitability go hand in hand, and his highest goal is to make both accessible to fleets of any size, any vehicle, and any industry. By investing in a distracted driving solution, you are able to prevent collisions, monetary loss, and injuries, and make the roads safer for everyone.

iLink is an Official Mobileye Partner

We are an official distributor of Mobileye collision avoidance systems covering the territory of Texas and all bordering states. iLink is one of two distributors in this territory and has a strong partnership with Mobileye, giving us the knowledge, history, and alliance needed to bring you the very best in Mobileye services and products.