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From Geoforce & BeWhere tracking to GeoTab’s Customizable Solutions, iLink has all the products that your business needs to protect its assets

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Solutions for Field Asset Tracking

Geoforce has been providing operational intelligence to companies involved in field operations since 2007 by combining cloud-based software with rugged GPS tracking, global satellite and cellular networks. Geoforce uses 100% satellite-based communications for intelligent location reporting and asset visibility in remote areas, and has worldwide transmission, so you are never out of range.

Geoforce Track & Trace includes asset location and retrieval, rental invoice auditing, service delivery verification, inspection compliance, equipment maintenance alerts, and more! All in the world’s smallest industrial-grade GPS satellite tracker.

Geoforce technology allows you to manage all of your assets – owned, rented, or from a third party, both equipment and vehicles – all from one innovative system. Whether you need your non-powered equipment/shipment tracked, or your powered equipment or vehicles, Geoforce is your ultimate tracking solution.

1. Know Locations

  • Track your equipment
  • Improve your response time​​
  • Strategize field operations more accurately​


  • Verify services delivery
  • Confirm rental invoices
  • Prevent billing disputes


  • Verify maintenance is
  • Decrease downtime on jobs
  • Confirm equipment is certified


  • Cut capital expenses
  • Turn equipment faster
  • Improve asset utilization
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Industrial Beacons for Tracking Moving Assets

BeWhere uses Bluetooth beacons to transmit data through tablets, smartphones, telematics, and Bluetooth or WiFi gateways to the cloud. By utilizing Bluetooth, BeWhere tracking can be displayed on your smartphone or from its website. BeWhere can also integrate with 3rd party software, such as asset or inventory management, telematics or dispatch programs.

BeWhere tracking are waterproof, rugged for the road, have a 2-year battery life, and up to 250 meter range. And our beacons don’t just measure real-time location and proximity, but light exposure, temperature, and impact, all while providing both audible and visual signals if an item is out of range and being left behind.

Track your inventory, equipment, containers, and tools, to ensure you never lose, miss, or forget an asset ever again.

From medical equipment in ambulances, to tools on a worksite, pallets to ship, or containers to be moved or emptied, BeWhere gives you the ability to track anything you need.

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Customizable Fleet Tracking Saves Time, Money, & Worry

GeoTab customers travel over a million miles every day, and every single one is tracked by over 2,000,000 GeoTab telematic devices. This means that GeoTab tracking is trusted and comprehensive, sending over 40 billion data points every day.

Whether your business needs GPS location, VIN, Driver ID, and basic IOX support with the GeoTab Base plan, or driver coaching and collision detection with the WorldWide ProPlus plan, GeoTab allows you to have the exact amount of control and knowledge about your fleet tracking and management that you need.

The wide plan options and customizable solutions make GeoTab simple yet encompassing for large international companies as well as small local businesses, giving each the data they want and nothing they don’t.

Customizable Fleet Tracking Saves Time, Money, & Worry

    • Gain accurate data on your fleet’s location, driving behaviors, vehicle performance, and more
    • Help your drivers follow the laws of the road with live and intelligent driver coaching
    • Know your fleet’s data on acceleration, braking, cornering, and collisions and have it automatically uploaded with email or desktop alerts
    • Authentication, encryption, and message verification all protect your vehicle tracking device and network, keeping you secure for every mile
    • GeoTab is designed in flame-retardant black ABS, an engineered plastic that is resilient, strong, and durable

iLink Keeps Your Fleet & Assets Tracked & Accurately Managed with Geoforce, GeoTab, & BeWhere Products

From tracking your fleet to tracking your assets, iLink is your provider for the best industry tracking and fleet management solutions no matter the trade.

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