Are you concerned your business may have inefficient practices that cost you both money and time? With iLink in your corner, your business and your fleet will run smoothly for the long haul.


• Evaluate Needs
• Select Best Solutions
• Professional Implementation


• Establish/Measure KPI
• Customized Solutions
• Managed Services


• Industry Expert Services
• Regulatory Agency Liason
• Professional Training 


How safe is your fleet? With Mobileye Collision Avoidance System, iLink offers advanced safety for your entire fleet. Combined with telematics, your fleet will be armed with both pro and reactive safety featr

In-Cab Realtime Feedback

• In-Cab Driver Feedback
• 24/7 Driver Coaching

Driver & Road Video

• Undeniable Data
• Optional Exterior Add-Ons
• Night Vision

Driver Scoring

• Identify High Risk Drivers
• Reduce Accidents
• Reward Good Bahavior

Vehicle Readiness

• Roadworthy
• Safe for Driver
• Safe for Public


Discover the difference our streamlined safety and real-time advanced analytics can make for the efficiency of your business as you fully visualize the activities of your fleet 24/7.

Fuel Savings

• Reduce Idle Time
• Score Greenband Driving
• Reduce Carbon Emissions


• Dispatching
• Job Messaging
• Journey Management


• Right Size Your Fleet
• Reduce Wear/Tear on Equipment
• Quicker Customer Response

Task Management

• Process Control 
• Go Paperless
• Proof of Delivery
• Inventory Control


Due to federal regulations on the transportation industry, it’s critical that your company keeps detailed evidence of all events that happen on the road. With our state-of-the-art fleet tracking software, your trucks will stay compliant with the rules of the road.

DOT Driver

• Qualification
• Training

DOT Truck

• Level 1 Inspection Concerns
• Out of Service Criteria
• Maintenance
• Documentation

Fuel Tax

• Off Road


• Training
• Qualification

Asset Management

iLink provides solutions for our customers’ needs thanks to asset management software perfectly matched for all your equipment. From satellite, cellular, wifi, or bluetooth connectivity, iLink has you covered.

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It can be exceedingly difficult to monitor what happens to your trucks, your drivers, and your cargo. With fleet tracking software provided by iLink, you can rest assured that you know how they’re doing at all times.


• Vehicle Use Authorization
• Vehicle & Asset Tracking
• Crash Notification 
• Vehicle Theft Recovery


• Theft Prevention
• Recovery
• Prosecution