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What is Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW)?

Of all the innovations in vehicle technology, Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW) is one of the most important. Used properly, it can save people walking near or across roadways from experiencing serious or fatal injuries. There’s no higher purpose than that for advanced, connected technology. While PCW is important everywhere, it’s especially a must-have for commercial fleets in urban areas where there are far more pedestrians and bikers. Across the United States, a pedestrian dies in a traffic accident every 88 minutes. Another 137,000 are injured, according to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC). PWC systems give drivers the reaction time they need to prevent accidents. That’s why it’s become an in-demand collision avoidance system for [...]

How Do You Prevent Rear-end Collisions in Fleet Vehicles?

Rear-end collisions account for about 20 percent of all traffic accidents, many involving injuries and even fatalities. Innovative technology now allows fleet managers to address this situation by using devices that prevent rear-end collisions in fleet vehicles. The National Transportation Safety Board reports that Forward Collision Warning (FCW) systems such as those offered by Mobileye could help reduce injuries and deaths from rear-end collisions by 80 percent. These systems address what causes the majority of rear-end collisions: distracted drivers who don’t see that they are about to hit someone from behind until it’s too late. Fleets increasingly adopt this innovative technology that prevents rear-end collisions and helps fleets better manage both driver safety and the enormous costs [...]

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