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ADAS Makes Law Enforcement Officers Safer Behind the Wheel

Mobileye Crash Avoidance Systems Designed for Law Enforcement Vehicles

One of the biggest dangers every law enforcement officer faces is a sudden crash while driving their vehicle. Officers put themselves at great risk when pursuing a criminal or racing to reach someone who needs protection. As an official reseller for Mobileye, iLink Fleet Solutions connects law enforcement agencies with customized ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). These collision avoidance systems from Mobileye offer real-time alerts that warn of potential dangers, giving officers the seconds they need to avoid crashes and collisions.

Enhance Officer Safety

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Officer loses their life on the road each week
The percentage increase in traffic fatalities for law enforcement officers in the 3rd quarter of 2022
Percentage of road fatalities caused by unintentional lane departure
4 out of 5 crashes involving driver distraction within 3 seconds of the collision
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The number of vehicles worldwide that have Mobileye technology

ADAS Customized to Meet the Needs of Law Enforcement

Mobileye’s aftermarket ADAS is customized to meet the needs of law enforcement vehicles. For example, putting the system in Pursuit Mode mutes all alerts, except for those warning of a imitate crash, while officers are in dangerous situations such as high-speed pursuits. And there’s no need for law enforcement agencies to invest in new vehicles. Mobileye’s aftermarket collision avoidance systems work with all types of law enforcement vehicles, including patrol cars, SUVs, trucks, animal control vehicles, vans, and buses. Installation requires minimum downtime and no alteration to the vehicle’s interior.

Protecting the Lives of Those Who Protect Our Communities

Law enforcement agencies invest a great deal of money into equipment and training that helps officers stay safe while in the field. ADAS systems accomplish the same goal for officers when they drive, which is one of the most dangerous aspects of the job. Mobileye’s crash avoidance systems give officers real-time alerts that allow them to avoid crashes. It’s technology that can save officers’ lives.

How Does Mobileye Help Law Enforcement Fleet Safety?

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