iLink Fleet Solutions is a Official Mobileye Distributor

We can provide your company's cars, trucks, vans with the Mobileye 8 Connect system. These collision avoidance systems may potentially assist the driver in avoiding dangerous wrecks and keep your drivers safe.

A Couple Seconds Can Make a Major Difference In Accident Avoidance

Over 90% of serious vehicle crashes involve human error, but with only 2 seconds warning nearly all rear-end collisions could be prevented

The annual accident rate for commercial fleets is around 20% - that's one in five drivers! The cost can range from $16,000 for minor collisions into the millions if there is bodily harm or a fatality. On average, fleet vehicle crashes and automobile crashes cost employers billions every year. iLink Fleet Solutions, Inc wants to protect your drivers, employees, and others on the road, but we also want to protect your bottom line! Reducing collisions does just that.

Distracted Driving Solutions with iLink

The Mobileye 8 Series reduces the risk of collisions by warning the driver with both visual and audio alerts in real time, this gives critical seconds to avoid or mitigate the collision. When only 2 seconds can make all the difference, it's imperative that your distracted driving solutions acts quickly and in real time.

The Mobileye collision avoidance system camera scans the road ahead as an algorithm examines the scene and detects other vehicles, pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, lane markings, and speed limit signs. This allows technology that never sleeps and is never distracted, to be the extra set of eyes on the road at all times, preventing collisions, saving lives, and saving money.

About Mobileye Collision Avoidance Systems

Mobileye is a global leader in the development of computer vision and machine learning, data analysis, localization, and mapping technologies for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), collision avoidance systems, and autonomous driving solutions. Its technology is integrated into hundreds of new car models and our Mobileye collision avoidance system, Mobileye 8 Connect, can be retrofitted to almost any make or model. Currently, nearly 50 million vehicles worldwide are equipped with Mobileye technology.

Mobileye Collision Avoidance System is available for cars, trucks, vans, buses, RVs, and semis so that the driver of any vehicle, no matter the size, can reap the benefits of a truly safe distracted driving solution. Everyone will be distracted at some point, we help make sure that moment doesn't turn into a life-altering collision for your drivers, your fleet, or your company.

Forward Collision Warning System, Including Urban Forward Collision Warning System

  • 40% of rear-end collisions involve no brake application whatsoever, this means the driver didn't have time to react or didn't see the crash coming.
  • Our forward collision warning system alerts the driver up to 2.7 seconds before a collision with a vehicle ahead, providing enough reaction time to avoid or mitigate the crash.

Lane Departure Warning System

  • 60% of road fatalities are due to unintended lane departures.
  • Our lane departure warning system alerts the driver of an unintentional* deviation from the driving lane. *When blinker is not in use
  • The lane departure warning system is active above 34 MPH. This warning system indicates if your tire is too close to - or has crossed-the lane marking. This also prevents drifting and is a great distracted driving solution.

Pedestrian Detection & Warning

  • Pedestrians account for 22% of traffic fatalities.
  • Mobileye pedestrian detection alerts the driver, during daylight hours, up to 2 seconds before a collision with a pedestrian or cyclist ahead. This provides enough reaction time to avoid or mitigate a collision, taking corrective actions or braking.
  • Our pedestrian detection is active under 31 MPH and warns of an imminent collision with a pedestrian or bicyclist ahead of the vehicle. Just 2 seconds can make all the difference.

Headway Monitoring & Warning (Tailgating)

  • Nearly 4 out of 5 crashes involve driver inattention or distraction within 3 seconds of the collision.
  • Mobileye helps drivers keep a safer and longer distance from the vehicle ahead by providing visual and audio alerts if this distance becomes unsafe at the current speed, following time is often known as tailgating. The definition of a safe distance can be calibrated to fit your fleet needs.
  • The lane departure warning system is active above 34 MPH. This warning system indicates if your tire is too close to - or has crossed-the lane marking. This also prevents drifting due to distracted driving.

Speed Limit Indicator

  • Mobileye can read speed limit signs and notifies the driver should the vehicle exceed that limit.
  • Our speed limit indicator can detect signs from the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals.
  • This indicator is be active at any speed.

iLink Keeps Your Fleet, Drivers, & Employees Safer by Preventing Collisions & Protecting Your Bottom Line

Lane departure warning system, pedestrian detection, distracted driving solutions, forward collision warning system, and more - iLink wants to help every business avoid costly collisions within their fleet with the Mobileye 8 Connect collision avoidance system.

Contact iLink to learn more about your fleet safety, our services, and additional products. We look forward to serving you and making the roads safer for all.