Aftermarket Collision Avoidance Systems

iLink wants to make roads safer for our customers, pedestrians, & all drivers. We offer aftermarket collision avoidance systems from Mobileye to enhance fleet safety programs because we believe that fewer collisions mean a better world.

iLink is a Mobileye Partner

Mobileye collision avoidance offers forward collision warning, lane departure warning, headway monitoring and warning, pedestrian and cyclist collision warning, intelligent high-beam control, and speed limit indication. That makes iLink your number one provider for Mobileye’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), providing your drivers with critical time to take corrective actions to avoid or mitigate a potential collision.

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Mobileye’s collision avoidance systems are a one-time investment for fleet safety with seamless installation from iLink.

Our aftermarket collision avoidance systems can be retrofitted to almost any vehicle, from semis to light-duty trucks, vans, and cars.

Mobileye’s aftermarket collision avoidance systems integrate with most telematic providers, delivering visibility of real-time alerts.

0 %
of collisions are due to human error
# 10
Inattention is the primary cause of collisions
0 %
of collisions & 65% of near collisions involve driver inattention 3 seconds prior to the event
0 %
of rear-end collisions have no brake application whatsoever
0 %
of road collision fatalities are due to unintentional lane departures
0 %+
iLink customers report 70%+ decrease in forward moving collisions

iLink Fleet Safety Programs & Aftermarket Collision Avoidance Systems for All Size Operations

From Oil & Gas Fleet Safety Programs to Utility Companies & Healthcare, iLink is the Safety Solution for a Few Vehicles to Several Thousand!

No matter the size of your company, iLink has the aftermarket collision avoidance system for your business and your industry. Contact iLink to learn more about Mobileye fleet safety, our services, additional products, and more. We look forward to serving you and making the roads safer for all.

Our Belief, Our Mission, Our Promise

Distracted driving is the #1 undisputed cause of collisions, and the only way to prevent a driver from being distracted is with a technology that is never distracted; Mobileye.

Following distracted driving as the main cause of collisions is a lack of following time, or tailgating. Mobileye acts on both, warning the driver and giving them precious seconds to react, seconds that can stop the collision, prevent injuries, claims, and loss.

Our mission is to make roads safer for every driver, every fleet, and every business. Whether long-haul semis or light-duty trucks and cars, iLink wants to make the roads safer for your employees and your business.

iLink provides bundle packages and will install your aftermarket collision avoidance systems, providing seamless safety and peace of mind for you and your fleet.