Industries We Serve

iLink takes every available opportunity to enhance fleet performance for a wide range of companies throughout the United States. By predicting road situations in real time, providing comprehensive data management software, and ensuring your business runs smoothly with our expert consulting services, iLink is here to keep your business a finely-tuned machine.

Whether you run a small business with only 10 trucks or a massive enterprise whose market spans the entire country, you need affordable and innovative fleet tracking and safety solutions to keep your business successful and out of harms way. Some of the many industries we cater our services to include:

  • Oil, Gas, and Mining
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Utilities
  • Heavy Equipment and Construction
  • Services and Specialty Trades
  • Government and Public Safety

For virtually any industry where fleet vehicles are a necessity, iLink delivers the solutions you need to optimize efficiency and maximize profits while reducing downtime and loss of revenue. As technology moves from ADAS all the way to fully autonomous driving vehicles, iLink is proud to work with you to help conquer the many challenges of maintaining a safe and efficient fleet.

Contact iLink today to learn more about the many industries we serve and the advanced fleet tracking solutions we offer for the modern age.