Collision Avoidance for Fleets of All Sizes

iLink specializes in collision avoidance solutions for any size fleet. Whether you have light, medium or heavy-duty vehicles, your driver safety program deserves the best fleet safety technology. Retrofit your existing vehicles with a Mobileye collision avoidance system that continuously monitors the road ahead and utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze potential hazards.

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Oil & Gas Fleets

Oil & Gas Fleets

Oil and gas fleets are often pressed for time which causes the limits to be pushed for energy and awareness. Couple that with unsafe road conditions and your driver safety program compliance is at risk. Enhance your fleet driver’s safety and reduce risk with Mobileye’s collision avoidance solutions. iLink will install and test your aftermarket crash avoidance technology, train you how to use it, and provide exceptional service after the sale. Let iLink Fleet Solutions help you protect your drivers and reduce risk.

Trucking Fleets​

Whether you manage a small fleet of vehicles or a massive enterprise that spans the entire country, your drivers deserve an affordable and innovative crash avoidance system. With Mobileye 8 Connect, fleet owners can help prevent collisions, improve driver performance and reduce costs.

Trucking Fleets
First Responder Fleet Safety

Healthcare and Law Enforcement Fleets

First responder fleets often carry passengers and highly valuable cargo that require and extra layer of protection. With iLink Fleet Solutions, healthcare and law enforcement fleets can boost their driver safety programs with ease. No need to purchase new vehicles, Mobileye’s aftermarket collision avoidance system makes it easy to install technology tailored to the driving challenges of our Communities’ Finest. Lifesaving Patrol and Pursuit Modes are just 2 examples of the truly powerful Mobileye® 8 Connect™ platform.

Utility Company Fleets

Utility fleets spend a lot of time in congested urban areas and the risk of hitting a pedestrian or other vehicle are increased. Reduce your risk exposure with speed limit indicator, pedestrian collision warning and headway monitoring & warning technology. iLink Fleet Solutions installs industry leading fleet safety technologies that continuously monitor the road ahead and warns the driver a few seconds before a potential collision.

Utility Company Fleets

Fleet Safety for Any Industry

It’s a common misconception that collision avoidance technology is only for Class 8 and large semi-trucks, but the truth is fleets in every industry require safety when driving. iLink Fleet Solutions serves all vehicle makes and models to ensure your driver safety program is customized and optimized. Let us help you discover the benefits of fleet driver safety technology today!

Crash Avoidance for Any Size Fleet

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