When leaders at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Florida wanted support to help deputies stay more aware of their surroundings while driving, they turned to Mobileye for technology designed to improve fleet safety.

That search intensified when a deputy died in a single-vehicle crash that may have been prevented with technology that detects lane departures, one of the many features of Mobileye. The sheriff’s office ended up equipping 600 vehicles with crash avoidance technology from Mobileye.

These systems have improved fleet safety and helped sheriff’s office deputies stay safe while working in Polk County, the fastest growing county in Florida and the 7th fastest growing county in the nation.

“The ability to reduce the number of crashes is a game changer,” said Francis Hart, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Fleet Manager. “If Mobileye’s sensors only save two significant crashes, we will have more than recouped our investment.”

Other law enforcement agencies have also turned to Mobileye to improve fleet safety. For example, the Laredo Police Department in Texas recently installed advanced crash avoidance systems from Mobileye into most of the department’s 200 vehicles.

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Who Is Mobileye?

Mobileye is a global leader in developing computer vision and machine learning, mapping technologies, data analysis and localization for advanced driver systems and autonomous warning systems. An Intel company, Mobileye is used by fleets around the globe to better manage risk and increase vehicle safety.

Mobileye systems work with every type of vehicle. More than 27 million vehicles worldwide use Mobileye technology. It’s also been incorporated into new models for many major automakers, including Honda, Ford, General Motors, Volvo and BMW.

Systems offered by Mobileye include lane departure warnings, forward collision warning, pedestrian detection and warning, and headway monitoring and warnings that prevent tailgating.

Benefits of Using Mobileye

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office enjoyed many benefits after installing Mobileye technology on 600 vehicles. Some of the problems solved included the following.

Less distracted driving. With the evolution in technology, deputies now have more technology than ever in their vehicles. While helpful on the job, they also can prove distracting and potentially put deputies into risky situations. Mobileye systems keep deputies more aware of their surroundings.

More convenient. Unlike radar detection devices placed in the bumper of the car, Mobileye sensors are placed on the windshield above the rearview mirror. That reduces the chances of damage to the sensor. They also can be reprogrammed and moved from one vehicle to another.

Financial benefits. Polk County Sheriff’s Office vehicles drive 1.5 million miles per month. As Hart noted, at that level of driving, crashes are inevitable. But avoiding even a handful can reduce the injuries to officers and the costs of crashes to the sheriff’s office.

Improved safety. Since installing Mobileye technology, the sheriff’s office has not experienced any crashes they felt could have been prevented by Mobileye. Deputies have already reported that the forward collision warning system has prevented them from getting into accidents.

Installing Mobileye crash avoidance technology gives fleets both large and small the ability to leverage advanced software and sensor systems to improve fleet safety and reduce the costs associated with crashes.