Certain roads in the United States pose a great risk for drivers, increasing the chances they will get involved in a traffic accident. Fleet managers want to remain aware of these areas, as they pose the great risk of danger to their drivers.

Not surprisingly, many of the deadliest roads in America are in the states with the highest populations: California, Texas and Florida, However, many of these well-traveled roads go through many other states. Fleet drivers can better navigate these locations by learning collision avoidance tips that can increase their chances of avoiding crashes.

The Top 10 Deadliest Roads in America

The following roads rank at the top of a recently compiled list of the deadliest in the country.

Interstate 95

Running down the East Coast from Maine to Miami, Interstate 95 has more deadly crashes than any other road in the country. That’s because in addition to running through or near some of the biggest population centers in America, drivers on I-95 may travel through stormy winter weather in the Northeast and the heavy traffic, including tourists, along Florida’s Atlantic Ocean coast.

Interstate 20

Short by interstate standards but deadly, Interstate 20 is the major east-west interstate for a huge section of the South. The interstate runs from an intersection with Interstate 10 in Scroggins Draw, a small town in west Texas, to I-95 in Florence, South Carolina. I-20 runs through two of the biggest metro areas in the country: the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Atlanta.

Interstate 5

The West Coast’s version of I-95, Interstate 5 runs from the Mexican border at San Ysidro, California, to the Canadian border at Blaine, Washington (it’s the only interstate to reach the borders of both Mexico and Canada). The bulk of accidents occur in California, where I-5 runs through the metro areas of San Diego, Los Angeles and Sacramento.

Interstate 75

Traffic on Interstate 75 has grown rapidly as cities along its route expand, including the South Florida and Tampa Bay region in Florida; Atlanta; Knoxville, Tenn.; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Detroit. Many of the accidents occur in Michigan during the snowy months of winter and in the Tampa Bay region, one of the country’s worst areas for traffic accidents.

Interstate 35

Interstate 35 is another north-south route that has seen accidents increase as the cities along its route become more populated. I-35 runs from Laredo, Texas, on the border of Mexico, northward to Duluth, Minnesota. The route runs through three major Texas cities – San Antonio, Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth, as well as Kansas City and Minneapolis.

The rest of the Top 10 most dangerous roads include:

  • Interstate 15 runs from Sweetgrass, Montana, to San Diego going through Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Greater Los Angeles on the way.
  • Interstate 40 runs from Barstow, California, to Wilmington, North Carolina, passing through Albuquerque, New Mexico; Oklahoma City; Nashville; and Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Interstate 70 runs from near Cove Fort, Utah, to Baltimore, Maryland
  • Interstate 80 ranks among the longest roads in the country at 2,900 miles. It runs from San Francisco to Teaneck, New Jersey
  • U.S. 41 is the only non-interstate road ranked among the deadliest roads in America. It runs north-south, from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Miami

With the right mix of driver training and the use of advanced technology such as Mobileye, fleet managers can reduce fleet risk and increase driver safety.

Training can keep drivers from falling into poor behind-the-wheel habits, such as distracted driving or speeding. Mobileye can help drivers prevent rear-end collisions that account for about 20 percent of all traffic incidents. That’s why iLink Fleet Solutions supports Mobileye to provide commercial drivers with distracted driving solutions as well as collision warning systems that reduce the risk of crashes.

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