At iLink Fleet Solutions, Inc, we are committed to safeguarding your fleet, drivers, and business with our accident avoidance systems and additional products. Our goal is to provide real-time alerts that minimize distracted driving, reduce claims, losses, and injuries. We understand the profound human and financial impact of accidents and strive to offer the best solutions to mitigate these risks.

Learn More About Our Accident Avoidance System

iLink is proud to be an Official Distributor of Mobileye, partnering with the best to deliver the best to our customers. Our Mobileye collosion avoidance system is designed to decrease the risk of incidents by providing drivers with real-time visual and audio alerts. These critical seconds of warning can make all the difference in avoiding or mitigating a collision.

The Mobileye accident avoidance system utilizes a camera that scans the road ahead, while an advanced algorithm examines the scene to detect vehicles, pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, lane markings, and speed limits. By integrating this technology into your dashboard, you gain access to an ever-vigilant system that prevents collisions, saves lives, and reduces costs.

Five Safety Features in One Comprehensive Accident Avoidance System

  1. Forward Collision Warning System, Including Urban Forward Collision Warning System
  2. Lane Departure Warning System
  3. Pedestrian Detection & Warning
  4. Headway Monitoring & Warning (Tailgating)
  5. Speed Limit Indicator

Our Additional Products

Discover a range of additional products that can enhance your fleet management and tracking capabilities. From field asset tracking solutions to innovative industrial beacons and customizable fleet tracking systems, we have the tools to optimize your operations. Keep reading to learn more about Geoforce Track & Trace Solutions, BeWhere Industrial Beacons, and GeoTab Customizable Fleet Tracking.

Geoforce Track & Trace Solutions for Field Asset Tracking

Geoforce Track & Trace offers a range of features for efficient field asset tracking. With capabilities such as asset location and retrieval, rental invoice auditing, service delivery verification, inspection compliance, and equipment maintenance alerts, Geoforce provides a comprehensive solution. Using the world’s smallest industrial-grade GPS satellite tracker, you can track your equipment, improve response time, optimize field operations, prevent billing disputes, verify maintenance status, and more.

BeWhere Industrial Beacons for Tracking Moving Assets

BeWhere utilizes Bluetooth beacons to transmit data to the cloud through tablets, smartphones, telematics, and Bluetooth or WiFi gateways. This innovative tracking system enables real-time location monitoring on your smartphone or through the BeWhere website. It can also integrate with third-party software, facilitating asset or inventory management, telematics, or dispatch programs. With its waterproof and rugged design, long battery life, extended range, and additional features like light exposure, temperature, and impact monitoring, BeWhere ensures comprehensive asset tracking.

GeoTab Customizable Fleet Tracking

GeoTab offers customizable fleet tracking solutions tailored to your business needs. From basic GPS location tracking with the GeoTab Base plan to advanced features such as driver coaching and collision detection with the WorldWide ProPlus plan, GeoTab provides precise control and knowledge about your fleet. Whether you operate a large international company or a small local business, GeoTab’s wide range of plans and customizable options ensure you receive the data you need without unnecessary complexity.

GeoTab Was Designed with the Needs of Your Fleet in Mind

  • Fast and Accurate Vehicle Data: Gain accurate insights into your fleet’s location, driving behaviors, vehicle performance, and more.
  • Digital Driver Coaching: Help your drivers adhere to road laws with live and intelligent coaching.
  • Collision Detection & Notifications: Access data on acceleration, braking, cornering, and collisions, with automatic email or desktop alerts.
  • Cybersecurity: Benefit from robust security measures, including authentication, encryption, and message verification, to protect your tracking devices and network.
  • Durable Design: GeoTab is engineered with flame-retardant black ABS, a resilient, strong, and durable plastic.

Contact iLink to Learn More About Our Mobileye Accident Avoidance Systems & Other Products for Your Fleet

At iLink, we are dedicated to making the roads safer for your drivers, other road users, and your business. Reach out to us today to discover more about our products, including Mobileye accident avoidance systems, and our installation services. Whether you have a fleet of 5 or 500,000 vehicles, we are here to support you in your quest for safer roads.