iLink Fleet Solutions, Inc and our Mobileye collision avoidance systems can improve your car and truck driver safety programs this summer. And because safety is our number one priority – we want to help everyone stay safer on the roads this summer, this fall, and beyond.

How Can iLink Help Your Truck Driver Safety Programs?

Our Mobileye products can help in accident avoidance for any size fleet and on any size vehicle. From semi-trucks in oil and gas fleets to vans, cars, and everything in between, iLink can improve your car or truck driver safety program with our aftermarket systems.

With warnings when your drivers are distracted, drifting over the lane lines, following too closely, or there is a potential collision hazard, your drivers can take the corrective measures they need to in order to prevent or mitigate a collision.


Who Needs Car & Truck Driver Safety Programs?

Though just about any industry that drives or has drivers can benefit from a safer driving experience and iLink services, here are some of the most common industries that we work within:

Oil & Gas Fleets

Oil and gas fleets are often pressed for time, which causes limits to be pushed for energy and awareness, coupled with bad road conditions, rain, sun glare, and other natural hurdles, you need to make sure your truck driver safety program is ready for the long haul!

Enhance your program with iLink and Mobileye. We’ll install it, train you on its use, and are always here for your questions. Let us help your accident avoidance and boost safety.

Trucking Fleets

Whether you run a small business with only 10 trucks or a massive enterprise that spans the entire country, your business and your team deserve an affordable and innovative accident avoidance system.

Improve your truck driver safety program to keep your business successful and your drivers out of harm’s way – this not only helps your employees but your bottom line too!

Healthcare Fleets

Many of our clients drive medical or healthcare cars, vans, or other smaller vehicles. But just because you only have four wheels, doesn’t mean you don’t need accident avoidance technology or a car or truck driver safety program – in fact, quite the opposite!

Whether you are the biggest vehicle on the road, or one of the smaller ones, you need a car or truck driver safety program to ensure not only the safety of your employees and drivers, but everyone else on the road as well.


Utility Company Fleets

Our utility company clients drive all day long from appointment to appointment, or to troubleshoot service issues – and after summer storms, they may have to pull long shifts to get power back on and lines cleaned up.

Whether you have four vans, forty, or four thousand, keep each and every one of them safe with iLink and Mobileye’s accident avoidance systems that are never distracted and never tired!


Any Size Fleet in Any Industry, iLink Can Help Your Truck Driver Safety Program This Summer

iLink serves all vehicles, makes, and models, but did you know we focus on cars and trucks too? With the majority of our clients driving light-duty trucks and vans, we have vast experience in this area, with ‘smaller’ vehicles.

It is a common misconception that collision avoidance technology or truck driver safety programs are for just that – trucks, or only semis. But the truth is every fleet and every industry requires safety measures and safety programs when driving.

If it’s your job to drive, or if your industry employs drivers, then you need iLink to keep your business, assets, and team safe with accident avoidance systems for any size operation in any industry.

Mobileye accident avoidance systems are a one-time investment for long-term fleet safety, or a comprehensive truck driver safety program. Plus, we offer a seamless installation through iLink as well as training!

Our accident avoidance systems can be retrofitted to almost any vehicle, from semis to light-duty trucks, vans, and cars. That’s why we’re more than just another truck driver safety program – we’re for all vehicles, not just trucks or semis.

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We look forward to serving you and making the roads a safer place for everyone!