The advantages of collision avoidance technology are well known. They allow fleet managers to leverage advanced technology to combat the common issues that lead to costly crashes and collisions, including distracted driving, accidental lane departures or driving too close to other vehicles.

While the technology is critical for fleets that want to stay competitive, sorting through the many options available is difficult. That’s why iLink Fleet Solutions focuses completely on understanding collision avoidance technology and the different ways it provides solutions for fleet managers. As a reseller for Mobileye, the Texas-based company also works with the best ADAS in the business.

Staying Ahead in a Competitive Market

Purchasing the right crash avoidance technology for your fleet is an involved process that includes assessing the needs of the fleet, identifying the ADAS technology that addresses those needs, evaluating vendor options, performing a cost analysis and understanding the training needed to get the most from these systems.

As experts in collision avoidance technology, iLink Fleet Solutions provides support and advice in all of these areas. The company’s focus is on connecting fleets with technology that will improve safety, reduce the risk of accidents and lower operating costs.

Improving Safety

Tech-driven crash avoidance systems work with drivers to help them reduce the risk of getting into a costly crash. Warning systems on issues such as lane departure, forward collisions or the presence of pedestrians help drivers avoid or mitigate the impact of a crash. By improving safety, fleets reduce the risk of injuries, fatalities and property damage, as well as improve their reputation and reduce liability exposure.

Reducing Costs

By staying ahead of the curve on collision avoidance technology, fleets can find the right systems to help them reduce costs associated with crashes, including vehicle repairs, medical expenses, legal fees, lost productivity and increased insurance premiums. Over time, the use of crash avoidance technology will reduce both the frequency and severity of crashes and collisions, leading to a reduction in fleet operating costs.

Competitive Advantage

The commercial fleet industry is highly competitive and every manager is looking for an edge. While many fleets now use some type of crash avoidance technology, staying up-to-date with the latest innovations puts fleet managers ahead of the competition. With years of experience in crash avoidance technology, the professionals at  iLink Fleet Solutions offer clients the advantage of their expertise. Putting this knowledge into action helps fleets retain clients and earn new contracts over time.

Regulatory Compliance

A trusted advisor on collision avoidance technology also helps fleets remain compliant with the ever-evolving area of government regulations as they relate to the transportation industry. This is a key component of any technology-related strategy for fleets.

The Advantage of a Trusted Advisor

Collision avoidance systems are constantly evolving. New innovations and improvements to current systems give fleet managers an opportunity to improve fleet safety, reduce costs and get ahead of the competition. However, it takes an ADAS Advisor with expertise in this area to find the right solution for every fleet’s situation.

By focusing exclusively on this area of technology, iLink Fleet Solutions brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and ideas to the table. They help clients stay current on the available crash avoidance technology that is critical for modern fleets.

They also support fleets as they prioritize safety, reduce operating costs, comply with regulations and gain a competitive advantage. The goal of iLink Fleet Solutions is to help fleets improve their overall performance and achieve long-term success.