For fleet managers considering the purchase of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for their fleets, a trusted advisor in ADAS is extremely valuable. The technology available in ADAS is constantly evolving. An advisor plays a crucial role in helping fleet managers sort through their options and connecting them with the right systems for their specific situation.

The most important thing advisors bring to the table is specialization in ADAS systems. That includes expertise in systems that focus on lane departure warnings, forward collision warnings and pedestrian detection and avoidance.

These systems can both improve fleet driver safety and boost the bottom line by reducing the costs of collisions and crashes. A trusted advisor in ADAS offers a wealth of knowledge that can help fleet managers attain those goals.

What ADAS Systems Can Do

Crash avoidance systems offered through Mobileye allow fleets to directly address the most common issues that cause crashes.

  • Distracted drivers. This leads to more crashes and collisions than any other issue.
  • Inattention. About 80 percent of crashes involve drivers who became inattentive to the road in front of them for just three seconds – precious seconds they could have used to avoid or mitigate the damage from a crash.
  • Lane departures. This involves drivers who inadvertently leave their driving lane and strike another vehicle.
  • Human errors. Human errors are the chief cause of crashes and collisions. Sometimes it is combined with issues such as bad road conditions, but often human error is the sole cause of an accident.

Quality ADAS systems help drivers avoid these situations. They can provide drivers with real-time alerts when potential problems are detected. These warnings give drivers that split second of advantage they need to take corrective action and avoid catastrophe.

What Trusted Advisors in ADAS Can Do

Even for fleet managers, ADAS systems can seem confusing because of the variety of options on the market. Because they specialize as a Mobileye reseller, iLink Fleet Solutions provides the best crash avoidance systems available in the world. Mobileye technology is used in 100 million vehicles worldwide.

They offer Forward Collision Warning Systems, Lane Departure Warning Systems, and Pedestrian Detection and Warning systems. Each leverages state of the art technology that improves driver safety and fleet risk management.

A trusted advisor in ADAS helps fleets choose the right crash avoidance systems for their situation. They start by assessing the needs of the fleet, learning about specifics such as the types and number of fleet vehicles, the routes they most often travel, and the typical driving conditions they encounter.

With this knowledge, they can better identify the right technology for the fleet. This helps managers avoid the task of sorting through the many different types of ADAS on the market. An ADAS advisor also can find the most cost-effective solutions from the many options available, helping managers with cost analysis on their ADAS options.

The support does not end after the sale when working with a trusted ADAS advisor such as iLink Fleet Solutions. Once a fleet purchases ADAS technologies, an advisor can provide guidance on installation and implementation of the systems, as well as on the training drivers need to make the systems effective.

An ADAS advisor focuses on helping fleet managers make informed decisions on purchasing the best crash avoidance systems. With iLink Fleet Solutions and Mobileye, both the service and the technology will help fleets achieve their performance goals.