Did you know that 60% of road collision fatalities are due to unintentional lane departures? Not forward collisions, not red light run-throughs, but simply drifting from your lane or changing lanes without fully looking around you for others.

This is a huge number! As this one feature, one area could more than halve road collision fatalities. That is the power of lane departure warning systems, and the security it can give your drivers and your business.

How Does the Mobileye Lane Departure Warning System Help Your Driver Safety Program?

How can we help drivers to never be distracted? How can we teach people to always check twice, blind spots and mirrors, before changing lanes? How can we ensure that attention is always on the road and those around us, and nowhere else?

In short, we cannot. Humans will always have the possibility of being distracted and therefore making mistakes. We cannot make everyone follow perfect safety guidelines at all times, or make drivers be constantly vigilant and aware of what is going on in multiple directions and lanes.

But what we can do is use technology that is never distracted to make everyone safer, to make long-haul and short driving experiences alike less dangerous, and to ensure that we are doing everything we can as a company to protect our employees and the others on the road.

That is exactly what the Mobileye Lane Departure Warning System does, and why iLink is a proud distributor of this technology.

Lane Departure Warning System Benefits

Our lane departure warning system alerts the driver of an unintentional deviation from the driving lane. This means it alerts the driver when their blinker is not in use. This could mean the driver is drifting from their lane unintentionally, or they are changing lanes without using their blinker and warning those around them that they plan to move from one lane to another.

Both unintentional lane drifting and changing lanes without proper signaling are common causes of accidents. Whether the driver is changing lanes unintentionally without any checks or safety measures, or if they have looked but are not using their blinker, others around them may also change lanes or be unaware of their intentions and surroundings, causing serious collisions.

The Mobileye lane departure warning system that iLink Fleet Solutions, Inc provides is active above 34 MPH. This warning system works by ‘seeing’ if your tire is too close to – or has crossed over—the lane markings.

iLink is an Official Mobileye Distributor for More Than Lane Departure Warning Systems

iLink works to be the seamless solution for all your driver safety system needs, with features that go far beyond a lane departure warning system.

We proudly provide Mobileye collision avoidance systems that are a one-time investment for fleet safety with hassle-free installation and training from iLink. In addition, our Mobileye aftermarket collision avoidance systems can be retrofitted to almost any vehicle, from semis to light-duty trucks, vans, or cars.

Mobileye’s aftermarket collision avoidance systems integrate with most telematic providers, delivering visibility of real-time alerts for lane departures, forward collision warning systems, and more.


Link Keeps Your Fleet & Drivers Safer by Preventing Collisions from Lane Departures & More

Lane departure warning system, pedestrian detection, distracted driving solutions, forward-collision warning system, and more – iLink wants to help your business avoid costly collisions within their fleet with the Mobileye 630 collision avoidance system. Contact iLink to learn more about your fleet safety, additional products, and our lane departure warning system.