iLink Fleet Solutions, Inc’s largest goal is to make the roads safer for our customers, pedestrians, and all drivers. That is why we offer the latest and most cutting edge accident avoidance systems from Mobileye to improve your fleet safety and protect your employees when they are on the road.

To showcase the importance of accident avoidance systems, we wanted to share some statistics on accidents, accident avoidance, and collision causes.

Feel free to share these stats and research – because even if you do not partner with iLink, we want you, your business, and your employees to be safe on the roads.

Inattention Is the #1 Cause of Collisions

Though many statistics cut these different ways, it is important to know that driver inattention is the primary cause of accidents. And there isn’t even a close second.

Driving puts a prolonged strain on our eyes, reactions, and attention, and often, this strain carries on throughout the day, especially if you drive often or for long periods of time. This means that at some point, inattention will happen – it is simply human nature. Unfortunately, just one instance of inattention could be costly or even deadly.

That is why our accident avoidance systems do not rely merely on human attention, but will actually alert and warn the driver of their inattention, drift, or following time, giving them valuable seconds to make corrective actions before a collision.

80% of Collisions Involve Driver Inattention 3 Seconds Prior

Most accidents do not just happen because of inattention ‘at some point’ but because of inattention immediately before the collision. This means the driver only has a couple of seconds to make the corrective action, which is why Mobileye warns the driver up to three seconds beforehand. The Mobileye warning system can give precious seconds for braking or corrective maneuvers.

Even simply having a three-second warning to mitigate an accident is important. If the accident is unavoidable, every second counts for reducing speed and mitigating possible damage or injury.

94% of Accidents are Due to Human Error

Over 90% of serious vehicle accidents involve human error. This may include human error and the weather, human error and inattention, or other factors coupled with human error, but we, as the drivers, are the biggest factor. With only 2 seconds of warning, nearly all rear-end collisions could be prevented – which is exactly what Mobileye does with Forward Collision Warning.

40% of Rear-End Collisions Involve No Brake Application

No brake application means the driver didn’t have time to react or didn’t see the crash coming. That is why Forward Collision Warning alerts are so important.

Forward Collision Warning can give the driver up to 2.7 seconds before a collision with a vehicle ahead, providing enough reaction time to avoid or mitigate the crash.

60% of Road Fatalities Are Due to Unintended Lane Departures

These fatalities are due to both the speed of unintended lane departure and the lack of time for reactions. The Mobileye Lane Departure Warning System alerts the driver of unintentional deviation from the driving lane when their blinker is not in use, giving them the time they need to take corrective actions and return to their proper lane, or look for other vehicles.

The Lane Departure Warning System is active above 34 MPH and indicates if your tire is too close to – or has crossed—the lane marking without the use of your signal. This can also prevent lane drifting due to distracted driving.

The Annual Accident Rate for Commercial Fleets Is Around 20%

This means that one in five commercial fleet drivers will have an accident every year. And the cost for their accident can range from $16,000 for minor collisions into the millions if there is bodily harm or a fatality.

On average, fleet vehicle crashes and automobile crashes cost employers billions every year. iLink wants to protect your drivers, employees, and others on the road, but we also want to protect your bottom line! Reducing accidents does all of the above.

iLink Customers Report 70%+ Decrease in Forward Moving Collisions

Even if an accident avoidance system only lowered your fleet’s forward moving collision by 25% or 15% – it would still be worth it to protect your employees, your business, and others on the road. So, decreasing these forward collisions by over 70% should make this an easy decision.

Contact iLink today to keep your bottom line, employees, and others safer. We believe that fewer collisions mean a better world, and we are working hard toward that every day.