While advanced technology can help drivers perform better on the job, nothing encourages great behind-the-wheel performance more than giving drivers a tangible reason to do well. By putting truck driver recognition awards in place, fleets can save money, reduce risk and boost workplace safety.

But what kind of truck driver recognition awards work best? Luckily, fleets managers through the years have discovered the most effective award ideas. Through trial and error, they have found the type of rewards drivers value most in fleets across many different industries.

Excellent Truck Driver Recognition Award Options

The following eight options give fleet managers a variety of truck driver recognition awards to consider putting into play. All help fleets achieve an important goal: motivating drivers to do better behind the wheel, making their job safer.

Driver Bonuses

Cash is always king. By giving a bonus to the best in the fleet, managers offer the most direct way to get drivers to focus on what they do while in the cab. Money also speaks louder than words, sending a message that the fleet highly values safety.

Special Prizes

Fleets can provide incentive to drivers by offering specialty merchandise to those who perform the best. This can include brand-name tools, electronics, apparel, recreational items, wearables and keepsakes.

Plaques and Trophies

Fleets can go the more traditional route and give the best drivers a plaque or trophy that commemorates their success. These often work best when placed in an area of the office that sees a lot of high traffic, making the driver’s accomplishment widely known among his or her peers.

Awards Dinner or Lunch

Another way to show appreciation is by having a special awards dinner or lunch that honors drivers for their achievements on the job. Companies also can officially recognize a driver through social media posts, an announcement at a companywide meeting, letter of commendation and a reserved parking space for a period of time at the office.

High-End Gifts

For fleets that can afford it, purchasing high-end gifts such as a vehicle to give to the year’s best driver will certainly provide motivation. Another high-end gift is a vacation package for the driver and their family. As with cash, expensive gifts such as these serve as excellent motivators.

Time Off

Drivers benefit from getting extra vacation time, allowing them to spend more time with their families after long days on the road. A gift for the driver’s spouse also provides extra incentive.

Upgrades to Truck

While they are related to work, providing upgrades to a driver’s truck is something they will appreciate. These also can range from the more economical (decals showing the driver’s achievements) to the high-end (new equipment).

Special Events

Offering the best drivers tickets to special events such as concerts, sports games, fireworks displays, and local amusement parks provides great incentive for drivers to focus on performance. Many companies tie-in their rewards program to upcoming big events, offering at least two tickets to the driver who does the best work on the road.

These truck driver recognition award ideas show that companies care about their drivers and appreciate the ones doing their best to improve their skills. By helping boosting workplace safety, these programs not only benefit the drivers, but the entire company.