Our mission is to make roads safer for every driver, every fleet, and every business. Whether long-haul semis or light-duty trucks and cars, iLink wants to make the roads safer for your employees and your business.

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How Do You Prevent Fleet Crashes?

A primary focus for all fleet managers is finding ways to prevent fleet crashes. Some of the most successful approaches include ongoing driver training, creation of a safety policy, and investing in advanced technology. Developing a successful approach to the issue ranks among the biggest challenges for fleet managers. But accident avoidance systems, training drivers on the best practices for using in-cab technology and integrating both into an overall safety plan puts fleet managers on the road to a better performing operation. Key Components to Prevent Fleet Crashes Fleets must take a multi-faceted approach in the drive to prevent fleet clashes. The following are three key areas that most fleets should put into place. Fleet Safety [...]

Lane Departure Warning System Features & Benefits

Did you know that 60% of road collision fatalities are due to unintentional lane departures? Not forward collisions, not red light run-throughs, but simply drifting from your lane or changing lanes without fully looking around you for others. This is a huge number! As this one feature, one area could more than halve road collision fatalities. That is the power of lane departure warning systems, and the security it can give your drivers and your business. How Does the Mobileye Lane Departure Warning System Help Your Driver Safety Program? How can we help drivers to never be distracted? How can we teach people to always check twice, blind spots and mirrors, before changing lanes? How can we ensure that attention [...]

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